"With exceptional insight, intelligence, and compassion, His Majesty has taken his natural gifts for the sciences and applied them directly to serve the people of the kingdom of Thailand. His numerous development projects have brought tangible results and lasting innovations not just to his subjects but to the world."

Kaem Ling

About the project

His Majesty the King has graciously shared the royal insights to solve the flood crisis in Bangkok. There are 5 appropriate flood protection measures, namely (1) elevating roadways in any flood-prone area and building more dikes, (2) protecting the Greenbelt to prevent the urban sprawl, (3) excavating the existing canals and dig new ones, (4) building water reservoirs, and (5) expanding drainage channels along railways and highways.

Project administration

The Kaem Ling project is about draining the excess amount of water from upper areas to a large storage canal in coastal areas. When the level of seawater becomes lower than the level of water in the canal, the tidal flow is naturally driven downwards by the gravity force. Whenever the water from the canal which acts as kaem ling (literally, monkey’s cheek) is pumped out, the water from upper canal flow into the storage canal continuously all the time, resulting in less serious a problem. On the other hand, if the sea level rises beyond the level of water in the canal, the floodgate is shut to prevent the water from flowing back. Two instances of the principle of one-way flow can be found along the east and west bank of the Chao Phaya River where the detention canals are located in Samut Prakan province and Samut Sakorn province, respectively. The project may entail adjustable flood barriers along with installation of water pumps. Together, both methods represent a system to attenuate flood crisis in an efficient manner.

Social benefits

Kaem Ling Project in the “Lower Tha Chin River”

Kaem Ling Project at the “Klong Mahachai – Klong Sanamchai”

Kaem Ling Project at the “Klong Sunak Hon”

The Kaem Ling project is regarded by the citizens of Thai as a propitious sign of the flood alleviation according to the royal initiatives concerning water management. “We have been heading in the right direction. Please hurry up and improve the project because Kaem Ling will definitely help several areas”, His Majesty remarked.